Thursday, November 11, 2010

\\\\\\\\ even after all //////\\\\\\///

Even after all,
even after all the terror in the streets,

Even after all the violence in society,
Even after all the death toll towers, the burnt bodies now stacked, the graves dug into the earth, and the soldiers never coming back, the smoke shock of Nagasaki and the ghost echo screams swimming up still from Germany, and even after all Your people who said they can’t now believe,

And even after all the lesser known scars like the machete mutilated hacked, the Karen systematically raped, the dragged black bodied, and the little screams of tiny red Khmer skulls,

Even after all,
even after all the waves crashed through Sri Lanka and limbs washed to shore, the turned over world of earth, wind, fire, wood and water,

Even after all the ash which has come, the shook and scarred earth, the fallen down and the buried alive, and the head held in hands questions of why,

Even after all, I still love You.

Even after all the pains in my own hands, even after the crippled blind, the stretched out waiting hands, even after the professors knock you out, even after all,

Even after I don’t get what are wants and my heart sinks black and we don’t see You show Your face around every wall, and even after all the questions go quietly mute and tired,

Even after all, I still love You.

Even after all the bad I can’t control and they say You can’t either, even after all the ways and schemes I’ve played, and the rivers of doubt flooded into me, even after all the times I got let down,

Even after all the bad things people say, and I wondered what they wanted from you anyway, just a cosmic errand boy and a thoughtless Mother Nature that never takes, and even after all the Hitchens, Dawkins, Darwin, Harris, Gould, and lies,

Even after all the Job jabs I’ve never gotten,

Even after all, I still love You,

because even after all, You first loved me.